We love the Pyrenees

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"Climbers suffer as much as any other cyclist, but above the pain, there is the happiness to be there."
- Richard Virenque

Classic Pyrénées
bike tour

What we offer you, riding from south to north, from Spain to France, is more than a training camp or a bike tour.

It is a journey indeed but also a wholistic road cycling experience from laid back spain to the heart of le tour de france.

Spain and France

Because we have lived for more than a decade at the border between Spain and France we can offer you the best Pyrenees tour.

Unique routes, accommodations, and activities

We will share with you our secrets and the many resources we embrace. That will make the difference.

Friendly and casual

Osvaldo, born in Chile, and Edu, born in Canada, are traveled people who love the Pyrenees, cycling and sharing. 

They are also owners of the resort of our base camp in Santa Cruz, where things get really special and chilled from the very beginning.

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